SPARK LIFE Coaching, Holistic Growth for Authentic Living

SPARK LIFE Coaching, Holistic Growth for Authentic Living

Ready to Grow into your Authentic Life?


Ready to Grow into your Authentic Life?


A message from our founder

Hello and Welcome to Spark Life!

Throughout my career as successful Business and IT Leader, I have always embraced a  journey of life-long learning & self-discovery.  My experiences have taught me to accept myself exactly as I am and to embrace experiences in life as a gift.  Along the way, I have been fortunate enough to help other executives, professionals, friends and even perfect strangers identify and pursue their personal life and career of their dreams.  These experiences were so rewarding, I started to ask myself and others “How can I do more to help others in a more meaningful way?” After much reflection and encouragement I launched Spark Life, a safe space for Clients to explore the their goals and dreams,  and have a partner to pave a clearer path to success.

“What Is Life Coaching?” 

A coaching relationship is a collaborative partnership between a coach and client to achieve a desired shift in their life around a specific goal. Unlike therapy which focuses on exploring a person’s past, a Coach works with a client to achieve their desired future. Some clients seek on-going coaching to cover a wide range of goals and others prefer a more tailored approach to meet a specific goal.  Life Coaching is a personal investment in your own growth and self-care.

“Why Spark Life?” 

Over the course of your life you will experience both exciting and challenging experiences.  

We help entrepreneurs, professionals, parents and students across the country navigate these experiences with grace, while ensuring they remain true to themselves.  We are selective about the clients we work with the focus on the "right fit".  We have worked with clients and led workshops on a number of topics including: family/romantic relationships, divorce recovery, embracing single life, finding your purpose, time management, starting a business, career transition, overcoming lay-off, dealing with difficult colleagues and recent college graduates to name a few! The list goes on so if your interest is not listed, I encourage you to book an appointment. 

We look forward to grabbing a virtual coffee via video conference or in person for those in the Austin, TX area. 

Warm regards, 


Lauren Bryant, Founder & CEO
Lauren Bryant, Founder & CEO

Our Services



Are you ready for a big shift in your career but simply cannot see a path forward?  Perhaps you are dealing with challenges on the job and need assistance navigating through them with grace?

The Spark Life Professional Coaching program is designed to help you engage in deep exploration of yourself to identify your real passions and best career options. We will help you build the confidence needed to tap into the gifts that are uniquely yours. In the end, you will discover a path to a more fulfilling career. 


STRATEGY session


Are you starting a business and want to define a more specific strategy to hitting your goals?  Do you have a relatively successful business, but have challenges reaching that next level of financial growth? 

Spark Life Strategy Sessions provide you with consultative expertise to understand and assess your business, fine-tune your strategy, and craft a precise plan of action to create breakthrough results.




 Are going through a major transition in your life or looking to heal past hurts or break old patterns and create new ones to tap back into who you REALLY are? Perhaps you feel like your OUTER life is misaligned with your INNER purpose?

Through Spark Life Personal Coaching 

helps you eliminate the

patterns that keep you stuck – your challenges, personal stories and limiting beliefs. You not only regain focus, clarity and to pursue your true purpose, but also create ways to balance the power, wisdom and true calling within you so you think, feel and act in alignment with your authentic self.

Our Process


the initial step

Our main goal is to listen and gain an understanding of your Authentic Self and the vision you have for your life.  We will openly discuss your personal vision, goals and concerns, goals and perceived barriers. Together, we determine if Spark Life is right for you. It is important to establish a connection whereby clients feel comfortable enough to share, accept being challenged, and remain willing to commit to the work.



Over the course of our collaboration together, we dive deeper into the internal and external barriers to achieving the life you want for yourself.  We craft a plan for Holistic Growth tailored to your needs and at your desired timeframe. Since treatment plans vary by client - we will discuss and align on a number of sessions, desired outcomes and meeting preferences.  We will work towards the goal based on our plan, leaving room to adapt if necessary.


our promise to you

Spark Life is committed to supporting and encouraging you every step of the way as you gain clarity, move forward and realize the life you've always wanted!

Our Clients can always expect:

• A safe space to be Authentic

• An Advocate that is solely focussed their success

• To be both challenged and empowered to achieve their goals

• To come away with approaches they never thought of

• Broadened, expanded viewpoints of a situation

• The ability to create and OWN their path to success

In our sessions we have in-depth, candid discussions on the internal blockers and external actions needed to achieve your goals. We provide resources to uncover and overcome barriers. Throughout the journey clients should also expect to discuss progress.

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